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Top 10 Attractions in Cairo

10. Al-Azhar Park

A royal guest decided that the urban desert of Cairo required a stunning oasis, so he gifted this Top 10 Cairo landmark to the city. What a nice guy, and boy was he right—take a break from the heat and stroll through the greenery of Al-Azhar Park to see for yourself. The twisting waterways and flower gardens add a sense of relief to the sandy surroundings. Plus, the North end of the park houses an Urban Plaza, a great place to grab a snack (or four)! Open daily 9 AM – 10 PM. 

9. Khufu Solar Ship

Travelers, you won’t believe this ship. Located in the Giza Solar Boat Museum just a stone’s throw from the Giza Pyramids themselves is the Khufu Solar Ship. Built for the Pharaoh Khufu and buried near him, this great treasure has been reassembled and housed in a museum that allows viewing from three floors. Shaped to resemble a papyrus scroll and built to honor the sun god Re, you’ve seriously got to see this Top 10 Cairo attraction. Open daily 8:30 AM – 4 PM. Hours may vary during Ramadan. 

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8. Hanging Church

Hang on to your hats, travelers, because this Top Ten Cairo landmark lets you see through the floor! Built in 3rd century AD, Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church (aka The Hanging Church) is one of the oldest churches in Egypt, and oh yeah it is suspended above the ground with giant wooden palm tree logs. Step into the sacred space and wander through the gorgeous architecture of ancient Egypt—just don’t forget to look down. Open daily 9 AM – 4 PM, except during services. 

7. Coptic Cairo

An essential part of the magic and history of Egypt is the prominence of Islam and the influence it has upon the country’s culture and architecture. One of the oldest Islamic cities, Islamic Cairo, is an area of central Cairo known for its breathtaking mosques, Islamic monuments, and gorgeous open plazas. Come bask in the beauty of the mosques of this incredible Top Ten Cairo SEE and learn about the ancient religion. Hours vary by establishment.  

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6. Saqqara Pyramids

Time to step up your game, travelers. King Djoser’s Step Pyramid is considered the first pyramid in the world. This Top 10 Cairo attraction is built of several 200 ft high terraces stacked on top of each other. Back in the day this spectacular sight was surrounded by beautiful chapels, stunning courtyards, and covered in brilliant white limestone. A little dustier than it was back then, the step pyramid is still a must see. Open daily 8 AM – 5 PM. The nearby Imhotep Museum closes at 4 PM.

5. Gezira Island

Surrounded by the bold and beautiful Nile River, Gezira Island is a natural hub of activity and entertainment for the city. This Top Ten Cairo landmark houses the Cairo Tower, the tallest concrete structure in the city, and the Egyptian Opera House, a wonderful venue drawing in artists from all over the globe. The island provides unique views of Cairo along with an exotic collection of plants that might tickle your fancy. Cruise on a sailboat or lay in the sun, either way you’re headed to relaxation nation.

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4. Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Make the mosque of your trip, travelers, and visit the ever-amazing Mosque of Muhammad Ali. Commonly referred to as the Alabaster Mosque, this outstanding Top 10 Cairo attraction features loads of the white stone. If you think the outside is stunning, wait until you walk inside—absolutely breath-taking. Give yourself some time to wander through the grounds and experience the nuances of the design, you mosque likely won’t regret it. Open daily 8 AM – 5 PM except during services. 

3. Old City

If you thought Islamic Cairo was old, wait until you see the incredibly ancient architecture of Old City Cairo. This walk through ancient history is filled with twisting, narrow streets and stunning old churches and buildings. Africa’s first Christian church, the Coptic Church of Cairo (another Top Ten Cairo attraction!), is built in this area so make sure to wander through the neighborhood while you’re there. Even if you aren’t religious, this is a gorgeous area to spend an afternoon—and hey, you might learn something new. 

2. Egyptian Museum

In traveling to Egypt, you must want at least a little dose of ancient history, right? Well this museum will make your mummys and daddys proud, for it is the home to actual real-life mummies (well, real dead mummies, of course). For a little extra fee, you can rest your eyes on an ancient ruler of Egypt, honored in traditional Egyptian burial practice. On top of that, the museum is filled with golden treasures like you won’t believe. Open daily 9 AM – 7 PM.

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1. Pyramids & Sphinx

Easily earning the number one spot for our Top Ten Cairo landmarks are none other than the famous, grandiose Pyramids of Giza. The oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Giza complex consists of three pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and features the Pyramid of Giza. The Pharaoh probably convinced ten of his friends to start building, then they each found ten more friends…wait that seems too much like a scheme. Regardless, you won’t want to miss this incredible wonder! Open daily 8 AM – 5 PM. 

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