Top 10 Events & Nightlife in Cairo

10. The Garden

Alright you trendy travelers, get ready for this contemporary Top 10 Cairo nightclub—The Garden. Now, this is not your grandmother’s garden, this is a chic, adorable bar that is bustling with activity every night. Serving up drinks and eats in a fun atmosphere, this little bar will make for a great night out. Plus, sometimes they have DJs or live music to really get the party started. Let’s see that Egyptian walk people! Open Mon – Sat 12 PM – 1:30 AM and Sun 12 PM – 12 AM.

9. Pub 28


Strong drinks found here. Need we say more? Well, we will anyway. If you are looking for a break, this pub is a great place to grab some grub and a solid drink. Pub 28 boasts a casual atmosphere and a signature mezza that will blow your mind. If we had space, we’d give you 28 reasons to hit this place up, but really the strong drinks should be enough to whet your whistle for this Top 10 Cairo bar. Open daily 12 PM – 2 AM. 

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8. Stage One


Swanksters, this Top 10 Cairo nightclub is for you. Stage One is located in the posh Conrad Hotel and offers a relaxing environment for those travelers who want to sip on a brandy and listen to sweet tunes. Soak in the culture that oozes out of this place and feel the woes of your travels slip away without feeling like you are packed into a tight space or can’t talk over blaring music. Keep it chill at Stage One. Open daily 5 PM – 3 AM. 

7. Royal Mohamed Ali Club


This is not your average Egyptian club, travelers. The motto of this Top Ten Cairo bar is “where posh meets practical” which sounds pretty intriguing, right? This club offers a variety of activities and even has a pool with palm trees next to it. With a bar serving up drinks and playing music (sometimes by request if you suck up to the DJ) you will feel utterly relaxed in a matter of no time. Open daily 9 AM – 2 AM.

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6. El Genaina Theatre


This incredible Top Ten Cairo venue is a partly open-air theatre that will take your breath away. Sit out in the desert sun and listen to local music or see a theatre performance, either way it will be spectacular. The theatre is notorious for bringing in shockingly iconic artists, so you might even get lucky and meet someone famous while you’re visiting. Even if you don’t, you can just pretend you did, photoshop is amazing, isn’t it? Park open daily, hours vary by performance. 

5. Sawy Culture Wheel


A multi-faceted, multi-cultural, multi-entertainment facility (whewf!), the Sawy Culture Wheel is a Top 10 Cairo festival where people come together and experience the world. From hosting festivals to bringing in and supporting local artists to opening their doors as a space for artists and social activists to gather, this cultural haven really does it all. They only have one goal: to make culture accessible. Spread the love and learn something new. Open 8 AM – 11 PM.

4. Cairo Jazz Club


If you need to feel that jazz running through your soul while you sip on an ice-cold cocktail, this Top 10 Cairo club is going to be your new favorite place. Bringing in all the best local talent and even artists from the surrounding area, the Cairo Jazz Club keeps it hopping. When we say hopping, we mean this place is sort of a legend on the Cairo nightlife scene—prepare to be packed like a sardine. Open Mon – Sat 5 PM – 3 AM and Sun 5 PM – 12 AM. 

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3. Graffiti Bar

The biggest and hottest Top 10 Cairo lounge, the Graffiti Bar & Lounge was an easy choice. Playing the latest music and serving up delicious drinks, you’ll be dancing with your hands in the air in no time. This place really gets creative, bringing in stand-up comedians, art installations, and exotic dancers. It is housed in the Four Seasons Hotel, so be sure to keep a little class on even when the inhibitions come off. Open Tues – Sat 9 PM – 3 AM, closed Sun – Mon. 

2. Film Festival

If you can plan your travels around the dates of this film festival, you will not be sorry you did. The oldest cultural event in Africa and the Middle East, the Cairo International Film Festival aims to bridge cultures from across the world. Visit for a single day or get a multiple day pass to truly experience the awesomeness of viewing romance, action, indie, or any other film that floats your boat. The festival is typically held in November and tickets are available online. 

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1. Cairo Opera House


The Egyptian capital is proud to call this establishment its primary performing arts center, so we are proud to crown it our number one Top Ten Cairo venue! The Cairo Opera House draws local and international artists, creating such a variety of entertainment, you won’t see the same show twice! Check out their website to see what is on the calendar during your travels to Cairo. Hours vary by performance.

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