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Top 10 Tours & Rentals in Cairo

10. CTA


Kicking off our Top Ten Cairo transport is an oldie but a goodie—the classic mass transit system. Offering a fleet of buses, a surface metro, ferries, and river buses, there is no shortage of options and definitely no shortage of destinations. Get anywhere you could possibly need to go in Cairo without going underground. Multiple day passes are available so plan ahead and save some dough, you’ll spend enough of that on the pita.

9. Cairo Metro System


If heading below the surface of the desert city doesn’t bother you one bit, then you probably were mummified in a previous life—or the Cairo Metro System is right for you. Either way, the metro is by far your best bet for getting around the city quickly and efficiently. It has stops at all the main attractions including Coptic Cairo and the Egyptian Museum (two of our Top Ten Cairo attractions!) Multiple day passes are available, even for mummies like you! Trains run daily 5 AM – 1 AM. 

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8. Tuk-Tuk

This particular Top Ten Cairo transport has a bit of juicy controversy surrounding it—have we got your attention? The Tuk-Tuk is an automatic rickshaw mobile that has been banned (gasp!) in certain sectors of the city. As you will find from your travels, the streets of Cairo are plump full and officers were not super sure how to handle mini cars zipping all over the sidewalks. If you can spot one on the side of the street, hail it like a taxi and give it a whirl!  

7. Taxi


Okay, okay, we know, taxis? Really? But honestly there are more taxis than people in the city of Cairo so you’ll probably end up taking one somewhere. We’d recommend only using the yellow and white taxis, as this company uses an official meter (rather than the ‘ol bartering game). Don’t let them charge you extra for the AC, you’ve earned a cool ride to your next destination. Plus, you already have to pay to use the bathroom, now your AC? (Yes, the bathroom thing is real, be prepared). 

6. Felucca


Attention all romantics: we’ve got the Top 10 Cairo tour for you! Feluccas are long, elegant boats that are sailed down the Nile River—think of a sailed version of the gondolas of Venice. Perfect for a slow, meandering ride that gives you time to snuggle your loved ones and gaze out at the stunning Egyptian landscape, these rad boats are a no-brainer when you need to get up or down the Nile. Head to Dok Dok landing point at Garden City to snag a ride. 

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5. MS Vehicles

MAP   SITE   +20 111 014 0405

Looking for more of a Top 10 Cairo tour as a two-wheeled adventure? MS Vehicles rents out awesome little scooters for bopping around the city with ease. Roll along the coast of the Nile or brave the streets of Cairo, either way you won’t be in a crowded tour bus, right? There are yellow ones, pink ones, red ones…you get the idea. Rent the scooter that speaks to your soul. Open daily 11 AM – 12 PM. 

4. Double Decker Bus

VIDEO   +20 109 800 0483

This Top Ten Cairo tour offers double the fun of a regular bus—it has to if it’s in the name, right? These sleek buses are a new trend in Egypt and offer A/C in the lower cab and amazing views from the top cab. Don’t fret about the parking, or the metro tickets that expired two hours ago, or the aggressive drivers merging all over the place, because you will be in the hands of an experienced driver (plus you’re bigger than all the other vehicles, so you win). Tours bookable online. 

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3. Plane Excursion

Caution travelers! This Top 10 Cairo tour is not for the flighty (or the faint of heart). This full-day plane excursion takes you above and beyond anything you can see on the streets of Cairo. Experience the great pyramids and the Sphinx from a bird’s eye view and don’t forget the gorgeous Nile River views. Tours leave at 5 AM and run through 9 PM, so make sure you’re prepared for a full day of adventuring, travelers!

2. Camel Ride

SITE   VIDEO  +19014109533

How could this be more iconic Egypt? Memphis Tours offers a half day excursion where you get to grace the presence of a camel’s back for a few hours. Feel the sand in your face and experience the sights (and maybe smells) of the pyramids from a slightly different perspective. We’ll try really hard to refrain from a “watch out, they spit” reminder. Wait… These Top 10 Cairo tours are bookable daily at 5 AM or 7 PM. 

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1. Nile Dinner Cruise


Moving swiftly into the number one spot for our Top Ten Cairo tours is the Nile River Dinner Cruise—a once in a lifetime experience that gets a little cheesy at times but is totally worth it. Buy a gallabaya, if you haven’t already, put it on, and don’t forget your dancing shoes. Perhaps a more traveler-friendly form of Egyptian culture, the cruise still gives you a good flavor of the sights and sounds of Egypt. Dinner, drinks, and entertainment provided! Cruises bookable online. 

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