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Top 10 Hotels in Cairo

10. Villa Lotus Flower


A beautifully named bed and breakfast, the Villa Lotus Flower is a relaxation haven located only minutes from the bustling city center. Escape the heat of the desert and soak up the rays while relaxing on your balcony or grill up something tasty on the barbeque outside your door. This little Top 10 Cairo hotel gem gets you all the amenities without sacrificing comfort and great service. Check-in after 3 PM, check out 11 AM. 

9. Le Passage Cairo

MAP   SITE   +20 2 22670099

Trust us, you don’t want to le pass on the Le Passage Cairo. This awesome Top Ten Cairo hotel is a great spot to rest your head after a long day of adventuring in the desert. Pools, spas, a casino, and even entertainment for your mini-travelers, the amenities have no boundaries and you will be feeling like a Pharaoh real quick. You should feel like a Pharaoh, it is a five-star hotel after all. Check-in 2 PM – 10 PM, check-out 11:30 AM. 

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8. Four Seasons

MAP   SITE   +20 2 27917000

Another five-star winner, the Four Seasons at Cairo is an incredible place to bask in everything the Egyptian capital has to offer. Offering amenities galore and a great location, this place is perfect for any business trip, romantic getaway, family vacation, or solo self-love trip. Every view out of every room is stellar and you are minutes from delicious restaurants, tasty bars, and hopping night clubs. At this Top 10 Cairo hotel, you four-legged furry friends stay for free! Woof! Check-in 3 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

7. Chez Lay


Come lay down at this Top Ten Cairo lodge! A hidden treasure in the heart of the desert city, the Chez Lay is a calm oasis meant for peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation—ahhh! When you are gazing out your balcony and taking in the sights and sounds of the active city center, you’ll be happy you decided to head to relaxation nation, A.K.A the Chez Lay. Check-in 2 PM, check-out 11 AM. 

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6. Ramses Hilton

MAP   SITE   +20 2 25777444

When it’s named after a Pharaoh, you know this is going to be good. The Ramses Hilton has a great reputation for incredible service, amenities, and super cool entertainment. With 771 rooms, you can bring all your friends, family, neighbors, teachers, dentists, babysitters, and anyone else you can possibly find. Another five-star bad boy on our Top 10 Cairo hotel, this place is amazing and you will love every minute. If you don’t, we will gladly take your spot. Check-in 3 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

5. Pyramids Overlook

MAP   SITE   +20 111 773 8808

Named for its—you can probably guess it—amazing views of the pyramids, this cozy little Top 10 Cairo inn focuses on a personalized and welcoming experience for its guests. With gorgeous, authentic Egyptian décor, you’ll feel surrounded by culture (literally). Bask in the art around you and don’t compromise a single second of experiencing Egypt. With the Pyramids Overlook Inn, you get incredible views of the pyramids even while you’re sound asleep. Check-in 1 PM, check-out 11 AM. 

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4. Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah

Attention all pool side lovers! This hotel has the most amazing pool and swim-up bar that you ever did see. The pool has great views of Cairo and oh yeah; the hotel is pretty nice too. Pulling in a well-deserved five-star rating, this hotel was a hot contender for our Top Ten Cairo hotel and should be a contender for your travel plans. We’ll just say it one more time: pool! Check-in 24 hours, check-out 12 PM. 

3. Windsor Hotel

MAP   SITE   +20 2 25915810

Let the wind sweep you into the Windsor Hotel—just go with it seriously. There is an amazing rooftop terrace and the service can’t be beat. Originally built for the Egyptian Royal Family, this Top 10 Cairo hotel aims to combine old world class with modern world amenities. Don’t fret, there is WIFI. You can still upload that hilarious picture of you kissing the Great Sphinx so your grandmother can like it and comment on it. We got your back. Check-in 3 PM , check-out 12 PM. 

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2. Pyramids View Inn

MAP   SITE   +20 100 976 1770

Another adorable bed and breakfast, this Top 10 Cairo B&B takes the cake for personalized service, beautiful views of the Pyramids, and a once in a lifetime Egyptian experience. The friendly staff can help you navigate the complex capital and let you in on the best kept local secrets. Minutes from all the best Top 10 Cairo attractions, you won’t feel like you’re missing out. But if you don’t feel like leaving, no one will judge if you just stare at the pyramids all day. Check-in 24 hours, check-out 1 PM. 

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1. Kempinski Nile

MAP   SITE   +20 2 27980000

Snagging the number one spot for our Top Ten Cairo hotel is the wonderful Kempinski Nile. Stunning décor and architecture, a gorgeous rooftop pool that looks out over the majestic Nile River, and excellent, top-notch service combine to make this easily the most amazing hotel in the capital. Luxury and class meet in this hotel, so hopefully you packed your nice socks this time. Check-in 2:30 PM – 5 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

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